* The following example of the Google  Workspace service application for Windows-based system, if needed other instructions for mobile devices, please comprehend this example.

** According to the latest storage policy announced by Google on February 17, 2021, the unlimited space will be changed into providing only 100 TB of pooled cloud storage space for each university and shared across all of the users from July 2022.

***Please reduce the used space of Google Workspace account to below 100G by the end of January, 2022. For details, please refer to the announcement. 

Step 1.  Open the web browser and confirm by the link to check whether you have logged in to any google account. Please click 'Sign out' if a similar page as shown below appear.

Step 2. Your google account has been successfully signed out if the below login page showed. Next, please click the link to activate the Google  Workspace account.

Step 3. Click the link and log in with your Cheng-Kung Portal account and password.

* Users who have not logged into the 'Cheng-Kung Portal' before, please follow the first-time Cheng-Kung Portal login process and verify the account by e-mail verification and password resetting. Only the Cheng-Kung Portal account has been activated, the Google Workspace account can be ready to settle.

Step 4. Click the 'G Suite for NCKU' icon after logging in to the Cheng-Kung Portal.

Step 5. Read the Terms and if agree, click “I have read and agree to the ‘Terms of NCKU G Suite for Education Service’ ”. Next, click 'Agree and send'.

Step 5-1.  If your PISA account has been set up, please go to Step 6.

 For an applicant who is a new employee or has not set up a PISA account, the page shown below will let you set up the 'Personal E-mail'.

It is recommended that you enter "personal English name" in this field for future mail identification.

 For the "Alias Request" field, please do not enter "Employee number" or "z+ Employee number "as an alias.

*Please be noted that the personal e-mail should be filled in 'complete' e-mail address ( e.g. ) since entering e-mail account only is not allowed.

Step 5-2.  *Please double confirm your 'Personal E-mail' setting, the Computer and Network Center would not accept modifying the setting.

 Please click 'Confirm to sign up for a personalize G Suite account' after entering your complete e-mail address.

Step 6. The system is connecting to the Google  Workspace and creating an account, please wait patiently. If the process is successful, the below picture will show on the screen. ( Screen will demonstrate your 'login account' and 'first-time sign-in password' )

* The Google  Workspace system is busy right now, if the below screen has not appeared. Please try it later as the service is 24H available.

** If the below screen showed without the red color password, please shut down the browser, log in to your Cheng-Kung Portal account again, and click the 'G Suite for NCKU' icon.

*** Applicant who has set up your own PISA account before, the default setting for your new Google  Workspace account name would be your PISA account and cannot be modified.

Step 7. Open the new tabs in your browser and click the link, it will display the login screen as shown below.

( If the login screen is not displayed, please refer to Step 1, click 'Sing out', and then continue the following steps. )

Click 'Use another account' to access with new Google  Workspace account.

Step 8. Key-in the new Google  Workspace account. ( e.g. )

Step 9. Key-in the default password. ( Please refer to Step 6. )

Step 10. Click “Agree”, if you agree to the "GOOGLE TERMS OF SERVICE".

Step 11. For the first-time login, Google will enforce you to change a new password.

* Since the new password will be stored in Google and the School cannot find and encrypt it, we suggest you set up a different password from the Cheng-Kung Portal account for security and protection.

Step 12. Click 'Update' to set up the 'Recovery phone' and 'Recovery email'.

* We suggest you set up one of two Recovery Information for rescuing your account when being hacked or forgetting your password.

** You can also refer to 'Helps for setting up Recovery Information'.

Step 13. Congratulations !!! Your NCKU Google  Workspace account has been successfully set up.

* This Gmail account currently has unlimited space. It is recommended that you to set up this account as the mainly contacting email or as the centralized management of incoming mail if you have a large amount of mail demand .

** If you want to set up this account to check emails from another NCKU email account, please refer to 'How to use Gmail to check emails from NCKU email account'