The password of the other Campus system had been changed after applying for my Google Workspace account?


[ Student ] 

Students should not encounter this problem because used SSO ( Single Sign-On ).

[ Staff ] 

Part of the school information system account/password has been synchronized with the 'Cheng-Kung Portal', e.g. library, check-in, 802.1x. To provide more convenient service for the staff, we will soonly integrate more systems with Cheng-Kung Portal.

Google Workspace is not a service provided by the school, so the account/password used by Google Workspace is saved at Google and will not interact with other school services. 

If the user finds that the password of other school information systems has been changed after applying the Google Workspace service, there has nothing to do with Google Workspace. Before you apply for a Google Workspace account, you will be asked to change your password due to the first login of 'Cheng-Kung Portal'. The new password will be synchronized to other integration systems, causing other system passwords to be changed simultaneously.