How to set a sender as Google Workspace personal account when I send an email?


[ Student, Alumni ] 

The default sender and recipient for student are student ID. There is no alias problem and no need to refer the tutorial.

[ Staff ] 

The staff account is default to the login account ( e.g. ). However, you can refer to the following tutorial to change the sender to your personal email account ( e.g. ).

Step 1. Please click , enter account / password.

Step 2. Click on the 'Settings' button on the top right and click 'See all settings'.

Step 3. Click on the 'Accounts and Import' tab and click 'Add another email address'.

Step 4. Enter the name you want to display ( e.g. DEMO ) and check 'Treat as an alias', then click 'Next Step'.

For those who have PISA account, the alias is the PISA account. If you don't have PISA account, you can customize during the Google Workspace application process.

If you are unsure your alias, you can login 'Cheng-Kung Portal' and click the 'G Suite for NCKU' to check.

Step 5. The following page will display after enter the alias.

Step 6. Click 'make default'.

Step 7. Set the alias as the default account when replying message.

Step 8. Click on 'Compose an email' on the top left.

Step 9. The default sender has been set as the alias account that chose in Step 6. If you have other temporary needs, you can also drop down the menu and select a different account to send emails.