How to find your forgotten password?


Note: The Google Workspace passwords are stored on the Google system and are different from the 'Cheng-Kung Portal' password, so you can set them to different passwords independently.

You can choose one method to change your password within three kinds of following methods. 

( Method 1 )

If you have set up 'Recovery Email' and 'Recovery Phone' in G Suite previously, please go directly:

Step 1. Click 'Forget Password?'

Step 2. Enter the 'Recovery Email' or 'Recovery Phone' that you have set previously.

( Method 2 )

If you remember your account ID and password for Cheng Kung Portal, please follow the instructions below.


Step1. Click the link and check if the page shows like picture 1 below, please log out first. 


Step 2. Click 'Cheng Kung Portal' and enter your account ID/password.


Step 3. Click 'Reset password', the page will show your new password in red.


Step 4. Click 'log in' to enter your account ID and new password.


Step 5. In order to get a new password quickly when you lose it again, please refer to  'How to avoid losing account and failure of login?'. and set up your 'backup email' and 'backup phone number' immediately. 

( Method 3 )

If methods 1 and 2 didn't work at all, please refer to below. 

Step 1.   ** Foreigners are required to bring Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

[ Student ]

Bring your student ID card and ID card to the consulting desk of the Computer & Network Center for password change.

[ Staff ]

Bring your employee identification card and ID card to the consulting desk of the Computer & Network Center to change the password.

[ Alumni ]

Please contact Alumni Association Center for help. ( Extension : 81302 )

[ Retirement ]

Bring your retirement certificate and ID card to the consulting desk of Computer & Network Center for password change.

**Bring your Residence Permit If you're a foreigner.

Step 2.

Please set up the 'Recovery Email' and 'Recovery Phone' according to the instruction, so that you can get the new password directly if you forget the password next time.