How to use Gmail to manage school mailboxes ?


[ Student ] 

The school mailbox ' *** ' will be reclaimed after graduation, it is recommended to use Google Workspace ( which will not be deleted after graduation) as the main external contact account during the school period. You can refer the following tutorial to set up Gmail to send and receive school emails.

[ Staff ]

The total capacity of PISA account is 10G. Since the Google Workspace's Gmail has 100G, it is recommended to refer to the following tutorial to use Gmail to manage the PISA account.

*** Google had announced that it will no longer providing unlimited storage space from July, 2022, so it's not recommended that receive mail through Google Workspace. 

If you want to manager your school mailbox by Gmail, you need to set up two different setting, 'receiving and sending mail'.

[ Student ]

(Not Recommended) Receive mail:Please refer to the link

Send mail:Recommended to use ' ' as the main contact account. At this point, you are done and do not need to continue with the following settings.

[ Staff ]

(Not Recommended) Receive mail:Please refer to the link.

Send mail:Please refer the following instruction if you need to send mail by PISA account ' *** '.


Step 1. Please click , enter account / password.

Step 2. Click on the 'Settings' button on the top right and click 'See all settings'.

Step 3. Click on the 'Accounts and Import' tab, if the screen is no display figure similar as follow, it is recommended to execute 'Gmail sender alias setting' before continuing Step 4.

Step 4. Click on the 'Accounts and Import' tab and click 'Add another email address'

Step 5. Enter information about your PISA account, e.g.,

Name: Department - Mr. Wang, da-xue

Email Address:

Don’t check the 'Treat as an alias' box.

Step 6. Enter the relevant information as shown below.

SMTP Server:

Port: 25

Username:  [Student] Student ID, [Faculty] PISA account

Password: Please enter yourself

Check 'Secured connection using TLS (recommended)'

Click 'Add account', Gmail will send a verification confirmation to the school mailbox account you have set up.

Step 7. Please look for the verification confirmation letter from Gmail and get the confirmation code.

Step 8. Enter the code into the blank field, and click verify.

Step 9. After verification, the account you just set is displayed correctly in Gmail.

If the user wants to use 'personal account' as the main sender account, then all the teaching has been completed, and no further steps are required.

If the user wants to use 'personal' as the main sender account, click 'make default' and continue to complete the following steps.

Step 10. After clicking, it will set the alias as default account when replying to the message.

Step 11. Click on 'Compose an email' on the top left.

Step 12. The default sender has been set as the account that chose in Step 9. If there are other needs, you can also drop down the menu and change it to another account.