What kind of data is unsuited for uploading to Google Workspace?


Drive is one of the services Google Workspace offers to school, and is therefore regulated by relevant legal norms such as 'G Suite for Education (Online) Agreement' and 'Data Processing Amendment to G Suite and/or Complementary Product Agreement'. In order to prevent users from violating relevant laws, users are advised not to upload any illegal files. Anyone who violates the relevant laws is responsible for all legal liabilities.

[ Faculty ]

According to the letter of the Ministry of Education on January 16, 2017, Taiwan Education(4) No. 1060006297:

Subject : In order to prevent the leakage of official information, all colleagues should use the email allocated by the unit to send and receive official information, and must not use non-official mailboxes for official mail delivery. Please check and transfer the units and schools under the jurisdiction to cooperate.

Description : According to the letter from the Secretary General of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan Protection No. 1050190287 ( as attachment ).

It is recommended that faculty and staff use the official mail system ( e.g. z+StaffID@email.ncku.edu.tw ) or the information infrastructure services provided by Computer & Network Center ( e.g. MyBox ... ) to exchange the official information of the school.