Google Workspace
for Education

( G Suite for Education )

Instruction of Signing up for Google Workspace 


[Alumni]             [ Student ]             [ Staff ] 

For Alumni, please refer to the announcement:


* 16/2/2023 - Important reminder before the second version of the account reduction policy is implemented. Please click the announcement for details.

* 2/2/2023 - Renew 'Google Workspace for Education Service Access Agreement'. 

* For announcements before 2023, please refer to the [Historical Announcement].

* We will distribute the G Suite account according to the student ID that whose having the school status before 108/9. Please log in Cheng Kung Portal to enable your G Suite and get the initial password during your first-time sign in. For detailed information, check it here.

* Who have forgotten or lost the password, please bring your student ID card to the Computer & Network Center's consulting desk.

* The alumni who have change password requirement, please contact the Alumni Association Center ( ext. 81302 ).


The Computer & Network Center of NCKU is the management unit of domain, which providing the use of Google  Workspace for Education. The stability, correctness, data recovery and storage management of various application services in Google  Workspace for Education are provided by Google LLC. In the event of a problem with the service, the Center's authority can only determine "account establishment, domain and backbone work properly", besides the center is unable to provide any service guarantee, technical consultation and support. Users are required to abide by the relevant agreements and specifications, and backup important data regularly to avoid the risk of data loss.

The electronic information such as data, records stored by the user may be stored in areas outside the Republic of China. If there is any doubt about it, please encrypt your private data before uploading.

Eligible Users:

✦ Student ✦ 

Please login to the Cheng-Kung Portal to sign up a new Google Workspace account.

✦ Staff ✦ 

Applicant who have registered in NCKU personnel office and could login to the Cheng-Kung Portal is available to apply the Google  Workspace Service.

✦ Alumni ✦ 

The first stage is expected to offer alumni who enrolled after 1991 ( your student ID is a 9-digit number and the first digit is an alphabet letter ).

※ This service is only available for graduates of NCKU.

✦ Retiree ✦ 

Coming Soon [ explanation ]

Learn by product of Google Workspace:



Gmail lets you send and search for messages, organize your inbox, and build relationships with integrated chat and video calls.



Calendar lets you keep track of important events, share your schedule, and create multiple calendars.



Sites lets you build public sites, internal project hubs, and more—all without IT help.



Drive lets you keep all your work in one place, view different file formats without buying extra software, and access your files from any device.